First ever Pakistan DTH Service launch is the most anticipated occasion for all TV ans Satellite fans across the country in 2019.

Quick Info regarding Pakistan DTH:

DTH Pakistan launch DateFebruary 2019
DTH Channels  200+ HD & SD
DTH service ProvidersMag DTH, Sky Shahzad and StarTimes
Pakistan DTH SatellitePakSAT-1R at 98 degree East
DTH PriceMinimum Rs.10,000 Initial
Channel Package PricesFrom Rs.500 to Rs.1,500

Just like others I have also been waiting to wake up someday and watch the advertisement of the First ever DTH service in Pakistan. But this has not been happened for almost 2 years now. Since the Auction of the DTH Service in Pakistan was held back in 2016.

Anyways today in this detailed review we will look into all the Pakistan DTH related info. Including Pakistan DTH launch Date, Pakistan DTH Channel List, Price, Satellite which is selected as the service provider and the detail review of the Companies expected to start the DTH services in Pakistan.

Pakistan DTH

What is DTH?

DTH stands for the “Direct to Home”, A service mainly provided by companies who use Satellites signal to stream their selected Television channels to their subscribers. The users need to place a dish antenna outside in open sky to receive these specific signals, Which then decoded via a special satellite box provided by the company. The box is then connected with a Television set (or LCD/LED) using Audio/Video Aux cable or the new HDMI cables.

DTH vs Cable Network Services:

As we all know currently Pakistani media is highly dependent on the current Cable Network System. Which is only available in Large cities and towns currently. In a recent survey it has been proved that almost 70-80% small towns and villages have no access to this Cable Network.

Cable Networks

Moreover most Cable Operators still work provide direct analogue cable service. Which is the biggest hinder in upgrading the Channels quality. Somehow there are some CSP (Cable Service Providers) who gave Digital Boxes along with a new cable connection to watch HD channels. But they aren’t more then 10-15% of all Cable Network Connection issued.

While on the other hand DTH (Direct To Home) Service does provide High-End television viewing experience. With more and more channels upgrading to High definition content. It’s the new DTH services which can only provide such HD channels direct to their subscribers to their Homes.

Pakistan DTH services

So in other words you can say that Cable Network was past, While DTH is the present and Future of the Television broadcasting services.

Pakistan DTH Overview and History:

Now that you understand DTH, you may be asking why there is no such service in Pakistan? That’s because non-serious attitude of governments and easy availability of DTH services from neighboring country India. In the early days of President Musharaf, back in 2001-02 the talks for DTH services was already there.

Back then Private Media Channels were introduced in Pakistan for the first time. Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) was also formed in March, 2002. So they started their work and came up with the draft of holding the first ever DTH service auction in 2003.

But back then Cable Operators and Media Managers of newly introduced Private Channels started protesting against DTH Auction. This keeps on going repeatedly, whenever the Government decided to bring the official DTH service providers in Pakistan.

This keeps on getting delayed and hence Indian DTH services like DishTV, VideoCon, TataSky got famous in Pakistan. More and more people started subscribing to their services. The latest survey’s show that well over 5 million Pakistani subscribers pay hefty fees to Indian DTH companies to enjoy their services. Similarly 2-3 million people watch the same Indian DTH services by cracking their network, Mainly DishTV. Using free and Paid C-Lines on cheap Chinese Satellite receivers.

Pakistan DTH Auction 2016:

The journey that started in 2003 finally made to it’s destination in 2016. A total of 11 private and semi-private companies attended this Auction. The companies that participated in Bidding for the DTH License includes.

  1. Orient Electronics Lahore
  2. Mag Entertainment Lahore
  3. Skyflix Islamabad
  4. Smartimes Communications Islamabad
  5. Sardar Builders Islamabad
  6. Smart Sky Islamabad
  7. Parus Media and Broadcast Islamabad
  8. NayaTel Islamabad
  9. Shahzad Sky Islamabad
  10. HB DTH Islamabad
  11. IQ Communications Karachi

Pakistan DTHAuction

Among these only 3 made to the final place and were officially awarded the license of the DTH service providers by PEMRA. The best bid was made by MAG Entertainment of Rs. 4.91 Billion, While the second and third places were occupied by Shahzad Sky for Rs. 4.90 Billion and by Star Time for Rs. 4.89 Billion.

Pakistan DTH Service Provider Companies:

As you have read above, there were three companies who successfully won the auction of the first ever Pakistan DTH service providers. The companies are:

Recently Supreme Court of Pakistan forces PEMRA to follow the instructions given during the DTH Pakistan Auction and let the companies start their services.

Pakistan DTH Launch Date:

It is expected that the first ever Pakistan DTH service might launch in January 2019. Fingers Crossed but to this day, there are still no official announcements made by either of the three companies. i.e Shahzad Sky, StarTimes and MAG DTH service provider.

Also there are many ground factors making the first Pakistan DTH Launch Date prolonged this far.

Pakistan DTH Price:

The most expected price list would be Rs 500 for base package. While with mega Sports + Entertainment + Infotainment Package with all channels on would cost around Rs.1500-2000. While the initial installation and Box price could be minimum Rs.10,000. 

Pakistan DTH Channels List 2019:

Now if the first DTH Service starts in couple of Weeks, i.e in December 2018. Then the first official DTH service providers would be the Shahzad Sky private limited. The expected channel list to be initially provided by this company would include following Pakistani and international channels. The Channels List for the first Pakistan service 2018 looks like this.

Pakistan DTH Channels List

1- Family Entertainment Channels to be telecast on Pakistan DTH: 

ARY Digital (HD)ARY Zindagi
A-PlusAaj Entertainment
BOL Entertainment (HD)Express Entertainment 
Filmazia (HD)GEO 
HUM TV (HD)H Now Entertainment
Play EntertainmentPTV Home
Zaiqa TV 

2- News Channels for Pakistan DTH: 

  • 24 News HD
  • 7 News (HD)
  • 92 News (HD Plus)
  • Aaj News
  • Abb Takk News
  • ARY News
  • BOL News (4K)
  • Business Plus
  • Capital TV
  • Channel 5
  • City 41
  • City 42
  • Dawn News
  • Din News HD
  • Dunya News
  • Express News
  • Geo News
  • Geo Tez (HD)
  • GNN (HD)
  • Hum News (HD)
  • Indus News (HD)
  • Lahore News (HD)
  • Metro One
  • Neo TV HD
  • News One (HD)
  • PTV News
  • Royal News (HD)
  • Roze News
  • Samaa TV
  • Such TV
  • Wesal
  • Public News (HD)

3- Sports Channels on Pakistan DTH: 

  • PTV Sports
  • Geo Sports
  • TEN Sports 

Fight Sports HD for Pakistan DTH

This list seems to be quite small, Right? But let me tell you that there are atleast 4 to 5 new Sports channels coming for the Pakistan DTH Platform. Which includes BOL Sports HD, TEN Sports 2,  PTV Sports HD, TEN Sports 2 HD, Fight Sports HD and Golf one HD.

4- Religious Channels On Pakistan DTH:

  2. Peace TV English.
  3. Huda TV.

5- English News Channels on Pakistan DTH: 

DW English WorldBBC World
SKY News FOX News 
Al JazeeraTRT World
PTV WorldTribune 24/7

6- Infotainment / Music/ Food/ Kids Channels on DTH Pakistan:

Filmx HBO Pakistan
WB Channel Pakistan8XM HD
Indus Music HDOxygen HD
ARY Musik HDJalwa HD
HUM Masala HDVirtual University (4 Channels)
RAAH TV Business Plus
Style 360Nickelodeon Pakistan 
Cartoon Network PakistanSilver Screen
AXN PakistanNational Geographic

Pakistan DTH Service Satellite:

There aren’t much confirmed in this regard. But some leaked reports and rumors points towards the ChinaSAT 11 as the official satellite to provide their services for the Pakistani DTH service providers. Currently some channels already started shifting to this new satellite.

Which includes Ten Sports(Pakistan), Dunya News, Geo News. These Channels can be found at ChinaSAT 11 @98° East, TP 11624 V 2400. All above mentioned Channels are in SD, FTA and can easily be tuned on a 2 to 4 feet dish antenna.

However the last agreement signed between Pakistan and China for the launch of a new Satellite called the PakSAT-MM1 in a total different orbit 38.2° East . It is also known to be the contender of the first DTH service in Pakistan.

Pakistan DTH Frequency / TP details:

Satellite Name:ChinaSAT 11
Direction: 98E KU Band
Dish Antenna:2 feet or 4 Feet
QualityMPEG 2
Strong TP11608 v 1320
Current main Focus:Indonesian Channels

Pakistan DTH Boxes:

Since DTH service needs specific Satellite Boxes. So there are new DTH Boxes in the making. Which will be made available for subscribers once the DTH service starts. We however has no images or info regarding these new manufactured boxes yet.

Pakistan DTH Box

Frequently Asked Questions about Pakistan DTH (FAQ’s):

1)-Will there be any Ban on current Cable network providers?

Right now, it doesn’t look like that PEMRA( Pakistan Media Regulation Authority) is going to ban the Cable Network Suppliers in Pakistan.

2)- Is it possible for DTH service Providers to run along old Cable netwroks?

It would be quite tough for DTH service provider to compete with low quality, low priced Cable network services. So to get a boosted start for the DTH Service in Pakistan, Either Cable networks has to stop or the DTH service has to offer mega price cuts in their starting packages.

3)- What are the hurdles in starting the first ever DTH Service in Pakistan?

There are many hurdles including DTH Boxes, Cable Network Providers and Satellite Charges issue. Some of the issues have been answered here in detail.

4)- Will there be Indian Entertainment Channels in PAK DTH services:

Indian DTH has been illegally available in Pakistan for Decades now. Since old Indian DTH users in Pakistan are more into Indian Entertainment channels. Most of them has been asking for this. The answer is NO. There would be no Indian channels to be shown on Pakistan DTH service.

5) Is there any Chance of  Indian Star Sports or Sony TEN channels to be shown in Pakistan?

Most of the Indian DTH users in Pakistan have been fond of the Indian Sports channels. The two mega networks, i.e Star Sports and Sony. They telecast most of the World Sporting events live. While not missing a single Cricket Series or League no matter where it is happening. But the bad news here is that Pakistan DTH will not telecast Star Sports, Sony ESPN or Sony Ten channels.

6)- Is there any chance of Sky Sports coming to PAK DTH?

In current scenario there is no chance of any such development so for SKYSports the answer is still no.

7)- Which HD sports channels to be added in PAK DTH 2019?

The most probable guess is that PTV Sports is going to be HD in coming months. Beside this the current Pakistan TENSports channel will start High Definition transmission with the launch of DTH service in Pakistan. Beside this the new expected sports channels include Geo Super Sports HD, ARY Sports HD and BOL Sports HD.

8)-  Will there be any 4K channels on Pakistan DTH?

There is no chance of any 4K channels to be broadcast right now. In fact not many 4K channels are continuously broadcasting their transmission right now.

9) Which Company to make first Pakistan DTH Boxes?

There are no reports yet about manufacturing of DTH Boxes in Pakistan right now. Only PEMRA has pointed about making new Pakistan’s very own DTH Boxes.

10) What will be the minimum Price of DTH Channel Packages?

The most expected minimum price would be around Rs. 500, and with addition of more channels this price could go around Rs. 1500.

Final Words:

The Pakistan DTH service is going to launch soon. So be prepared and if you have some high-end LED’s from world renowned manufacturers. You are going to get the high quality content on your TV’s soon. We will be updating all the news and info regarding Pakistan DTH services. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook so that you don’t miss any new news or coverage.



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