Best Digital Set Top Box in Pakistan. [ HD Tv Box 2022]

If you are looking for the best Digital Set Top Box in Pakistan? then you are in the right place. Here we will dive into the world of Digital Cable boxes or the HD Tv boxes of 2022.

Since the official Pakistan DTH service launch date seems to be getting farther. While the most anticipated sports leagues are coming near. We have decided to bring the best DTH alternative services currently available in Pakistan. Before moving to the List, let me brief you about Digital tv boxes.

What is Digital Set-top Box:

Since there is no DTH service currently available in Pakistan. So the only option left with better Channels list or Picture quality are these Digital TV HD boxes. There are very few Wireless Cable providers in our country. Although these boxes are called the HD boxes, in reality, none of them even provide 720p HD content.

Beside having ultra HD BOL Network channels, HUM TV Network Channels or the 92 News HD Plus, the only quality we get via these Digital Top Boxes is 480p. But it’s still way clearer and better than the Analogue Cable currently provided in many houses. Many people still want to know the Set-top box Cable TV price for Pakistan. So here is what you get in Pakistan right now, Without the DTH service yet.

Best Digital Set Top Boxes: 

This list is made solely on the available based on the service provided areas and the number of subscribers. However, we made sure to add the pros and cons of any network enlisted here.

But first for those who want to know about this Digital Box for cable TV, must read this.

1- DWN:

This is the only Wireless Digital Set Top TV Box provider in Pakistan. Its services are only available in 4 cities of Pakistan. i.e Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. It serves a different channel list for each city.


There are two main Boxes the company provides. Which includes:

  • DWN SD Box (80+ SD Channels)
  • DWN HD Box (With only 1 Additional HD Channel along with 75 SD Channels)

Here is the Price Comparison of Different Package. This is DWN 2019 Updated Price Package. So if you are looking for installing the DWN Digital Set Top Box at your home or Office. You have to choose from this menu.

Best Set Top Boxes Pakistan

DWN Channels List: 

1)- News:

Samaa News
Dunya News
Aaj News
Capital TV
Express News
Channel 24
Roze News
Geo News
Geo Tez
92 News
ARY News
Waqt News
Neo TV
PTV World
BBC World News

2)- Sports:

PTV Sports
Geo Super
Ten Sports

3)- Entertainment:

Aaj Entertainment
PTV Home
ARY Digital
HUM Sitaray
Geo Entertainment
Geo Kahani
Express Entertainment
ARY Zindagi
TV One
AVT Khyber

4)- Other Channels:

Cooking & Health Documentary Islamic Kids Corner Movies
Zaiqa Discovery ARY QTV Cartoon Network Filmazia
HUM Masala Animal Planet Nickelodeon HBO
Silver Screen

2- PTCL Smart TV:

Pakistan Telecommunication Limited, the biggest internet provider across the country also offers a Digital Set Top box named PTCL Smart TV.

With an initial payment of 5 to 8 thousand rupees, you can order this Digital HD TV box and enable the PTCL Smart TV offer given by the company along Broadband connections. Recently the company has changed its rules. Now you can get the smart TV box with a minimum of 4 MB connection.

PTCL Smart TV Box

Initially, you can get the Box for free along with free connection installation. But later it will be billed monthly in installments.

As all other networks, It also doesn’t offer any HD channels. So you would get maximum of 480p resolution channels here.

Here is the PTCl Channels List:

PTCl smart tv Channels List

3- WorldCall Digital TV Box:

A whole new company which started their business by providing the Digital TV Boxes. But just like DWN, they were more focused on providing the SD channels. There are about 120+ SD channels here at Word Call.

WorldCall HD TV

Order your Digital TV connection for Rs. 4,000 and start watching your favorite 120+ Digital & HD channels. The only issue here although is that it’s only available in some parts of Lahore and Karachi.

Main features:

Once you have DTV’s digital receiver and remote control, you can experience a digital world at your home.

  • Dolby Downmix AC3 and AAC-HE 
  • Fast programming and fast scan 
  • Fast OSD Teletext / Subtitles 

4- Nayatel Digital TV:

Nayatel also offers Standard Cable Network services along with the Digital Set Top Box. Their latest Boxes are out of stock and you can keep an eye here till the stocks are ready again.

When it comes to Cable TV, they have introduced different Cable TV packages for residential as well as for corporate sector respectively. These services include: Analog Cable, Digital Cable, HD Smart Box, Joy Box, Joy for Smart Phones and Joy for Smart Television

Nayatel Digital Set Top Box

Main Features of NayaTel:

Digital + HD: 100+ Digital and HD channels

Auto + Instant Recording: Take control of your TV schedule

Parental Control: Keep your kids safe

Media Player: Play video, and music and watch pictures in Full HD

They provide two main packages with the Basic Channel package is available for Rs. 400/ month while the Digital HD TV Box is available for 700/ month.

There Channel list, however, includes 15 HD Channels with 1080p quality.

So we hope that this list is enough for you now Since the Official Pakistan DTH service is going to start soon. Meanwhile, you can also check:

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