How to Watch PTV Sports in Saudi Arabia for Free.

There are many Pakistani Expats and especially cricket Lovers residing in Saudi Arabia. Since the T20 Cricket World Cup is here, PTV Sports HD is broadcasting all the matches live. So everyone is looking to how to watch PTV Sports in Saudi Arabia Live.

PTV Sports can be viewed on a regular 4 feet or 6 feet dish Antena in the Eastern part of Saudia. While you need at least an 8-9 Feet large Dish Antena to tune PakSAT 1R. Due to the 5G service available in most Cities of Saudi Arabia. You have to use a EuroStar LNBF to get the most signals of PakSAT 1R at 38E.

Watch PTV Sports in Saudi Arabia

PTV Sports Frequency Saudi Arabia:

To tune PTV Sports Live using a Dish Antenna. You will need the following information.

Satellite Name Paksat 1R 38.0 East
Channel Name Ptv Sports
Frequency 4004
Polarity V (Vertical)
Symbol Rate 15560
SID  0004
Encryption CONAX

Equipment Required to Watch PTV Sports in Saudi Arabia:

Since Saudia Arabia is a Huge country So to receive proper signals you will need a bigger and better Dish Antenna on the West Coast of the country. While residents of Cities like Dammam can get better quality signals even on 4-6 Feet Dish Antennas.

So here are some of the most needed equipment

  • 6-9 Feet Dish Antenna
  • Dish Antenna Reciever
  • EuroStar LNBF
  • Forever Server Service (If you want PTV Sports Biss Key to get auto-update)

PTV Sports EuroStar LNBF

Tunning PTV Sports in Jeddah & Makkah:

Jeddah is on the west coast of the country, So you need at least an 8 to 12 feet large Dish Antenna to successfully get the PAKSAT 1R signals.

Since PTV Sports HD needs better signal quality so you must at least achieve 90% Signals and over 70% Quality to get non-scrambled transmission.

Similarly, the citizens living in Taif, Abha, Jazan, and Najran also need to have better quality and bigger Dish-Antennas.

12 Feet Dish Antenna PTV Sports

PTV Sports Signals in Madina:

To tune PTV Sports In the Saudi Arabian City of Madina, You need at least 9 feet of the Dish antenna.

PTV Sports coverage in Riadh & Dammam:

Since Riadh and Dammam are on the eastern Coast of the country so many people easily achieve the best signal quality of PTV Sports on 4-6 feet Dish Antennas.

It is reported that Paksat and AsiaSat signals are quite good in this part of the country.

PTV Sports Biss Key for Saudia:

During any mega Cricket series or Tournament, PTV Sports gets locked and one needs to enter the Biss Key to watch the transmission live on Satellite.

So here is how you can enter the Biss Key of PTV Sports HD Once it gets locked.

  • First of all Delete Both PTV Sports HD and SD Channels from your receiver.
  • Then Add the Following Frequency and Scan
Polarity = V
Symbol Rate=15555
  • Now Save the Channel.
  • Once Saved go to PTV Sports HD, You will see the ($) sign, this means the Channel is locked.
  • Press the Go to (Info) button on your Remote.
  • Now Enter the latest Biss Key Provided Here.
  • Hit Save.

PTV Sports Biss Key New

Watching PTV Sports Online in Saudi Arabia:

If you still have been facing Channel Scrambling issues, or you are in a whole 5G Network-supported area and your Dish Antena isn’t working. You can still Watch Ptv Sports live in any city in Saudi Arabia by simply streaming it live.

There are many Apps or IPTV services available online that can help you stream any Pakistani Channel on your Mobile or TV.

But make sure you have at least

  • 5Mbps Internet connection
  • Fiber Connection is preferred for lesser buffering
  • Some good IPTV Service Providers.

There are many apps currently available right now which help in streaming Live Pakistan vs Sri Lanka ODI Matches. All these apps are third-party free-to-use apps. You can download them from the given links below.

  • TeaTV Box Apk
  • TVTap Apk
  • Swift Streamz
  • Live NetTV

You can download these apps from different sites.

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