How to Watch TEN SPORTS on STARSAT hyper 2000HD. [July 2019]

Hi, were you all asking How to Watch TEN SPORTS? Today i’m going to tell you how you can easily watch and enjoy TEN SPORTS on asiasat7 105e on your  STARSAT HYPER 2000hd receiver serial 14 and 15 only. For this, you have to strictly follow my step by step guide.

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Watch TEN SPORTS on STARSAT hyper 2000HD Guide:

Before moving any further, here is a special warning message for all newbies who want to download and install the software on their receivers.

If you have StarSat Hyper 2000HD new boxes of serial 16 and 17 then DON’T try this method. It will surely put your box in dead status.

This method is only for older HD boxes of STARSAT HYPER 2000hd serial 14 and 15.

Guide for StarSat Hyper 2000 HD Series 14 & 15:

Once you are sure that you have the Series 14 or 15, Starsat Hyper 2000 HD reciever then follow these steps given below. 

Step 1:

OK, first thing first you do have to remove your WiFi USB antenna from your starsat hyper 2000hd serial 14 and 15.

Step 2:

Now after you remove your wifi usb antenna from your box install software 2.05 version in starsat hyper 2000hd. You can get this software from this link

StarSat Hyper HD 2000 v2.05

Step 3:

Now install this software which is called final downgrade 2000hd hyper from the link in the following

FinalDowngrade StarSat Hyper HD 2000

Step 4:

After doing final downgrade you do install one by one the following files. First install software 1.71 and than software 1.81. In software 1.81 there are two files. Install only one of them. If one shows error try the other one.

Software 1.71

Software 1.81

Step 5:

Again repeat STEP TWO. Yes now install again the software version 2.05.

Step 6:

After reinstalling 2.05 following step two now you switch to Asiasat7 105E channel CNN international like for a while and do not change unless it starts running the channel. It will take only 2 to 3 minutes to run channels on CNN tp and cartoon network channels. They are all on the same TP and same powervu key.

Step 7:

After Cartoon Network or CNN PowerVU key is picked up by receiver automatically and you start watching cartoon network channels you do install software version 2.43 from the following link

STARSAT hyper 2000hd v 2.43 software

Step 8:

Again here almost repeat same as step six to tune in cartoon network channel and wait there for 2 to 3 minutes unless it starts showing the channel.

starsat hyper 2000hd

Step 9:

Now after you are able to watch cartoon network on 2.43 now you install either one of the following software as you may go to version 2.46 or direct jump to version 2.52.

STARSAT HYPER 2000hd ver 2.46

STARSAT HYPER 2000hd ver 2.52


Now in final step your ten sports channel wlil start working. All you have to do is to keep it on TEN SPORTS for 2-3 minutes and your channel will start working.

Now you can switch your WiFi antenna back into the box. no fears now

Now you can enjoy TEN SPORTS on asiasat7 105e without any problems. If you have still some issues, then follow us on social media or comment down below. 

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  1. I followed all steps as mentioned. But when I updated to Version 1.71 I am unable to update to Version 1.8 or any other update. What should I do?

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