Mohsin Abbas Haider Speaks after her Wife allegations of Domestic Torture.

After the long horrible domestic violence story posted by the Fatima Sohail (Wife of Mohsin Abbas). The actor Mohsin Abbas Haider speaks up himself to some media outlets saying that he will come up with his own true story later.

Mohsin Abbas Haider opens up:

When one of the news reporters contacted him he said,

“I’ll definitely come out with my truth. I’m happy, she did this. I was waiting for this for so long. I’ll now open up with the truth in front of the public, along with the proofs. I will tell the world what happened in our relationship for three years. But I’m happy that this toxic relationship will leave her and me soon,” said Mohsin, adding that he will be addressing a press conference with proofs very soon.

We have to wait for his side of the story. But the image and the story posted by his Wife Fatima Sohail is quite disturbing and shocking.

Without being biased, we would like the truth to be out soon so that the public know what went around and if it had been a publicity stunt on anybody’s part.

Mohsin Abbas Beat His Wife Fatima

Wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider official Facebook Status:

Zulim Bardast kerna bhi Qunah hai!

I am Fatima. Wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider & here is my story.

On 26th Nov 2018, I caught my husband cheating. When I confronted him, instead of being embarrassed he started Beating me. I was pregnant at that time!
He pulled me from hair, dragged me on floor, kicked me several times, punched me on face & threw me on the wall.

Mohsin Haider Wife Posted Images of brutal torture

I was brutally beaten by my husband. My caretaker!
Traumatized me contacted a friend instead of family & was rushed to hospital.
Doctor initially refused to do checkup as it was a police case. I needed some time to digest the shock & not file a complaint.
I was able to get my ultra sound where the sight of relief was that my baby was not harmed!

Societal Pressure or my own confidence. I do not know what ..but I decided to make my marriage work for my own child.

On 20th May 2019 I was blessed with a beautiful boy.
I had a surgery due to complication.
While I was in operation theater in Lahore, my husband was in Karachi sleeping with his GF, Nazish Jehangir, an emerging model/actor.
He later posts depressing statuses to get public attention.

My family stood with me but my better half chose not to.

Mohsin visited after 2 days of delivery just to take images and gain some publicity.

He did not bother to check on his son. It was only a drama for social appreciation.

Fatima Sohail was beaten by his husban Mohsin Abbas when she was pragnant 

On 17th July, I went to Mohsin’s Home & asked him to take our son’s responsibility where he started beating me again! He refused to do anything for his son!

Now I had Enough!

I am posting this to tell this to all girls! Look at me!

Societal Pressure or not but there is a limit to put a full stop!
No 1 else will do it except us for ourselves.

I have no idea how I will raise my child on my own …but I know Allah will help me!

I had enough of verbal & physical abuse. enough of Divorce threats! Enough!

Proves are attached.

Truth Told! Now I will see you in court Mr Mohsin!

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Link to Fatima Sohail Wife of Mohsin Abbas Haider on Facebook:

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