Is OQAAB DTH is the first Afghanistan DTH Service starting 1st August 2019?

It’s all over in the news and on Youtube that Oqaab DTH first Afganistan DTH service is coming soon. Is this news true? The answer is NO. The Oqaab is not a DTH (Direct to Home) service but it’s an old DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) Network Service.

Afganistan Oqaab Launch Date:

The first-ever Afghanistan DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) Network service is going to be launched on 1st of August 2019.

How Oqaab DTT Will Work:

As mentioned above the Oqaab Afghanistan DTT network will work on the old Antenna Signals bases. The user will have to boost an outdoor antenna which is then connected with the Oqaab Box.

Just like any other DTT network. The Oqaab Afghanistan DTT service will telecast its transmission using the large Broadcast Towers in and around the Cities. The users have to install a UHF Antenna on Rooftops to get the signals.

While the Antenna cable is then connected to Oqab Terrestrial Digital Tuner Box provided by the company. Which is going to be connected with Television or LED sets using TV/AV cables or the HDMI cable provided in the box.

Oqaab DTT network Explained in Pictures

Oqaab Box Price:

The official Oqaab Box price is not yet been disclosed but there are many retailers enlisted in and around Kabul city. All of them will be provided with the latest DTT box including the TV/AV cables and HDMI cables.

Oqaab DTH Box

Oqaab DTH Channels List:

The owners at Oqaab Afghanistan have claimed that their first-ever DTT network service will come with 66 Channels. Both SD and HD channels added in the list. There are many Pakistan DTH and India DTH channels added to this list.

Channel Number TV Channel Quality Language Category/Group
1 Quran TV HD Arabic Religious
2 Sunnah TV HD Arabic Religious
3 RTA SD Dari/Pashto General Entertainment
4 RTA News SD Dari/Pashto News
5 Shamshad SD Pashto General Entertainment
6 Khurshid SD Dari General Entertainment
7 Khawar SD Dari General Entertainment
8 ARY Digital Asia SD Urdu General Entertainment
9 Zee-News SD Hindi News
10 PMC SD Farsi Music
11 11 TV SD Dari General Entertainment
12 Gem Drama SD Farsi Drama
13 Gem TV SD Farsi General Entertainment
14 Maxx SD Farsi General Entertainment
15 BBC Persian SD Farsi News
16 Meshrano Jarga SD Dari/Pashto Politics
17 DW SD English News
18 9X Jalwa SD Hindi Music
19 Tamadon SD Dari General Entertainment
20 3Sport SD Dari Sport
21 Rishtey cineplex SD Hindi Movie
22 Big Magic SD Hindi General Entertainment
23 ARY Music SD Urdo Music
24 AMC SD Dari Music
25 RT-Documentary SD English Documentary
26 Sony Pal SD Hindi Drama
27 Cheragh Medical TV SD Dari Medical
28 Jawanan Afghanistan SD Dari General Entertainment
29 Zee Anmol Cenima SD Hindi Movie/Drama
30 Afghanistan-e- Man SD Dari General Entertainment
31 CGTN SD English News
32 Sahara Filmy SD Hindi Movie/Music
33 B4U Movie SD Hindi Movie/Music
34 Gem Life SD Farsi Documentary
35 Star Utsav Movies SD Hindi Movie/Drama
36 MC EU SD Turkish Religious
37 Maarif SD Dari/Pashto Educational
38 Gem Travel SD Farsi Documentary
39 ARY-Zindagi SD Urdo General Entertainment
40 Masti SD Hindi Music
41 National Geographic Farsi SD Farsi Documentary
42 Rubix SD Farsi Drama
43 BBC World News SD English News
44 VOA-Persian SD Farsi News
45 Aljazira English SD English News
46 Aljazira Arabic SD Arabic News
47 Sony Mix SD Hindi Music
48 Press TV HD English News
49 Gem Food SD Farsi Cooking
50 Ifilm-English SD English Movie/Drama
51 Manoto SD Farsi General Entertainment
52 MTV Beats SD Hindi Music
53 Sony Wah SD Hindi Movie
54 River SD Farsi Drama
55 Gem Bollywood SD Farsi Drama
56 Star Sport First SD Hindi Sport
57 Sahara One SD Hindi General Entertainment
58 IRINN SD Farsi News
59 Zing SD Hindi Music/Movie
60 B4U Music SD Hindi Music
61 National Geographic Arabic HD Arabic Documentary
62 Abu Dhabi Sport 1 SD Arabic Sport
63 U Toon SD Farsi Cartoon
64 Gem Junior SD Farsi Cartoon
65 DD Sport SD Hindi Sport
66 CNNI SD English News

Oqaab DTT Service Area:

Initially the Oqaab services will only start in and around Capital Kabul. As seen in this coverage area, the main broadcasting towers have been installed around the Kabul City. So users from the city can buy the Oqaab DTT box and install to proceed.

Oqaab Afghanistan Coverage Area

Afghanistan Oqaab DTT distributers:

1 Dasht-e-Barchi Yaser Mahmod zada Market, 1st Floor 0788144692 8:00-6:00
2 Kotai Sangi Asia Market, 1st Floor 0786305052 8:00-6:00
3 Kart-e-Naw Nanwaye bus stop, mobile market, 2nd Floor 0775154021 8:00-6:00
4 Shahr-e-Naw Master Hewad LTD, 1st Floor 0774411426 8:00-6:00
5 3Th Makroryan Qazi Plaza, 1th Floor 0700198800 8:00-6:00
6 Jade Nader Pashton Zarnegar Market, 1st Floor 0794506037 8:00-6:00
7 Da Afghanan Ghani Zai, 1st Floor 0784568370 8:00-6:00
8 Sarak Darulaman Passport Department Street, Charai Sae, 1st Floor 0744263890 8:00-6:00
9 Arzan Qimat Charahi Mamuryat, Opposite to Municipality 12, 2nd Floor 0774183488 7:00-6:00
10 Pul-e-Sorkh Metro Super Market, 1st Floor 0794400404 7:00-6:00
11 Sarai Shamali Hofian, 2nd Floor 0788637135 7:00-6:00
12 Shahr-e-Naw Day technologies 0793333000 8:00-6:00
13 Jade Nader Pashton Sediq Omer ,1st floor shop no 12 0700010231 8:00-6:00
14 Froshgah Bakhtar Markit 0786451063 8:00-6:00
15 Shar-e-Naw City Walk,Wave Technology 0787800888 8:00-6:00
16 Licye Maryam Zam Zam Market,2nd Floor, Qasr Chini Alamarat – Kabul 0700293092 8:00-6:00
17 Licye Maryam Haidarzada Market,2nd Floor, Royal Store – Kabul 0799445330 8:00-6:00
18 licye Maryam Apposite of Bank-e- Milli, Khisht Okhtif,1st Floor, Hashmat Brothers Mobile Store – Kabul 0791444444 8:00-6:00
19 Company Khaliqi Market,2nd Floor, Mohamd Arif Electronic Store – Kabul 0775505059 8:00-6:00
20 Dehbori Golayi-e-Dawa Khana, Nabizad Market, 1st Floor, Foroshgah Cristal – Kabul 0783109661 8:00-6:00
21 Sara-e-Shamali Afsotar Plaza, 1st Floor, Mobile Market,Zemarai Behzad Mobile Sara-e – Kabul 0790888868 8:00-6:00
22 Arzan Qimat Chaharahi-e- Botkhak,, 1st Floor, Bilal Hilal Mobile store – Kabul 0788335011 8:00-6:00

Stay tuned for the latest news regarding Oqaab DTH services.

Source: Oqaab Afghanistan.

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  1. Dear Pakistan DTH network,

    thank you for your article about Oqaab. Please let us clarify that yes, Oqaab is a DTT network, broadcasting now in 5 major provinces in Afghanistan. But we launched in August our DTH Pay TV network HD+. The receiver price is 2,700 AFN and you can receive over 250 TV channels with our premium STB.


    your friends @Oqaab

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