Pakistan DTH is finally Becoming a reality now.

Finally, we are here at the time when the first ever Pakistan DTH service is ready to start. This could be done anytime soon, It can be as early as August 2019. The first company to start its services will be Shahzad Sky. A private company based in Islamabad. There are some leaked reports that the ChinaSAT11 @98E is the satellite selected for the first-ever DTH service in Pakistan. But many of you would be asking what is DTH? so here is the answer.

What is DTH?

DTH stands for the “Direct to Home”, A service mainly provided by companies who use Satellites signal to stream their selected Television channels to their subscribers. The users need to place a dish antenna outside in open sky to receive these specific signals, Which then decoded via a special satellite box provided by the company. The box is then connected with a Television set (or LCD/LED) using Audio/Video Aux cable or the new HDMI cables. 

Pakistan DTH release date

People prefer DTH services over standard Analog or Cable networks due to the better TV viewing controls and best picture qualities. The modern-day DTH service providers have already introduced the HD packages for subscribers. Some of them have even launched their 4K Ultra HD test channels as well. This new 1080i resolution along with the new 16:9 Aspect Ratio takes the TV viewing experience to a whole new level. 

Pakistan DTH History: 

Now that you understand DTH, you may be asking why there is no such service in Pakistan? That’s because of the non-serious attitude of governments and the easy availability of DTH services from neighboring country India. In the early days of President Musharaf, back in 2001-02, the talks for DTH services were already there. Back then Private Media Channels were introduced in Pakistan for the first time. Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) was also formed in March 2002. So they started their work and came up with the draft of holding the first-ever DTH service auction in 2003. 

But back then Cable Operators and Media Managers of newly introduced Private Channels started protesting against DTH Auction. This keeps on going repeatedly, whenever the Government decided to bring the official DTH service providers in Pakistan

This keeps on getting delayed and hence Indian DTH services like DishTV, VideoCon, TataSky got famous in Pakistan. More and more people started subscribing to their services. The latest surveys show that well over 5 million Pakistani subscribers pay hefty fees to Indian DTH companies to enjoy their services. Similarly, 2-3 million people watch the same Indian DTH services by cracking their network, Mainly DishTV. Using free and Paid C-Lines on cheap Chinese Satellite receivers.

Pakistan DTH Auction: 

The journey that started in 2003 finally made to its destination in 2016. A total of 11 private and semi-private companies attended this Auction. This includes 

  1. Orient Electronics Lahore
  2. Mag Entertainment Lahore
  3. SkyFlix Islamabad
  4. Smartimes Communications Islamabad
  5. Sardar Builders Islamabad
  6. Smart Sky Islamabad
  7. Parus Media and Broadcast Islamabad
  8. NayaTel Islamabad
  9. Shahzad Sky Islamabad
  10. HB DTH Islamabad
  11. IQ Communications Karachi

Among these only 3 made to the final place and were officially awarded the license of the DTH service providers by PEMRA. The best bid was made by MAG Entertainment of Rs. 4.91 Billion, While the second and third places, were occupied by Shahzad Sky for Rs. 4.90 Billion and by Star Time for Rs. 4.89 Billion. 

Pakistan DTH services

You can check out their official sites here. 

Recently Supreme Court of Pakistan forces PEMRA to follow the instructions given during the DTH Pakistan Auction and let the companies start their services.

Pakistan DTH Channels List 2018:

Now if the first DTH Service starts in a couple of Weeks, i.e in December 2018. Then the first official DTH service providers would be the Shahzad Sky private limited. The expected channel list to be initially provided by this company would include following Pakistani and international channels. The Channels List for the first Pakistan service 2018 looks like this.

Pakistan DTH Channels List

Family entertainment channels:
  1. Bol Entertaiment.
  2. Azad Tv.
  3. Dtv entertainment.
  4. Hum TV.
  5. Ktn.
  6. Geo TV.
  7. ARY Digital.
  8. ATV.
  9. TV One Global.
  10. Express Entertainment
Sports channel:
  1. Ten sports.
  2. PTV sports.
  3. DTH own channels.
News Channel:
  1. Capital TV.
  2. Geo News.
  3. PTV News
  4. Express News
  5. Dawn News
  6. News One
  7. City 42
  8. Metro One
  9. Channel 5
  10. SAMAA TV
  11. CNBC Pakistan
  12. Roze TV Urdu
  13. Such TV
  14. Abb Takk
Religious Channels:
  2. Peace TV English.
  3. Huda TV.
English News Channel:
  1. DW English
  2. BBC World
  3. Sky News
  4. FOX News
  5. Al Jazeera

These aren’t yet confirmed. There are rumors that more international HD Sports channels would be introduced by the Shahzad Sky DTH network. But at this time we still can’t confirm this news. However, there are some new of Some BOL HD Sports Channels ready to be on air soon.

Pakistan DTH Service Satellite: 

There aren’t much confirmed in this regard. But some leaked reports and rumors point towards the ChinaSAT 11 as the official satellite to provide their services for the Pakistani DTH service providers. Currently, some channels already started shifting to this new satellite. 

Which includes Ten Sports(Pakistan), Dunya News, Geo News. These Channels can be found at ChinaSAT 11 can be currently found @98.E. TP 11624 V 2400. All above-mentioned Channels are in SD, FTA and can easily be tuned on a 2 to 4 feet dish antenna.

Pakistan DTH Starting Date: 

As mentioned above, The first Pakistan DTH service is ready to be released any day from June 2019 to September 2019. As officials from PEMRA has just released a notification for this purpose. We are here to let you inform about the official release date. Keep following us on Twitter and Facebook and do visit our site too. 

Confirmed News Shahzad Sky Pakistan DTH Service: 

Shahzad Sky will be the first company to provide Pakistan DTH services. There are rumors that the services will start in January 2019. Let’s see what the company has to offer.

Shahzad Sky Pakistan DTH Service

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