PTV Sports Biss Key Today [2019]

PTV Sports Biss Key: In the middle of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, The PTV Sports starts showing Scramble [Udated 11 June 2019]. Everyone is looking for PTV Sports Biss Key as the most liked PTV Sports FTA status is no more. Many Satellite receivers start showing the Dollar sign ($) right in front of the most famous Pakistani Channel.

Why PTV Sports is no more FTA:

The official broadcaster of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Star Sports have asked all the FTA channels to immediately post some sort of security for channels which broadcast the CWC 2019 matches Live. So this made Afghan Channel Watan HD and Pakistan only Govt Sports Channel to remove the FTA (Free To Air) status of their channels.

Since PTV Sports is now Using the CONAX security protocol. So it is high time for the team to fix the issue and provide a solution for the local viewers to watch the rest of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 matches on their TV Sets.

What is Biss Key for June 2019?

Now Most of the free satellite users might know about the Biss Key. But those who have never heard this term before. The BISS stands for “Basic Inter-operable Scrambling System“. It is a special Satellite scrambling system which was adopted and developed by the European Broadcasting Union EBU.

This system later used to combat live channels broadcasting piracy issues.

Why PTV Sports Biss Key Today June 2019 for Cricket World Cup 2019 :

Since PTV Follows the BISS E( Biss encrypted) transmission and despite getting full signals via Satellite Dish Antenna a user still can’t get the content. To decrypt this system and get the PTV Sports Transmission Live on your Satellite box. You need a PTV Sports Biss Key.

Old Biss Key usually comes in 16 digit + Numbers Hexadecimal format. Biss Keys are automatically generated for some time by the Encryption agents.

PTV is currently Telecasting Cricket World Cup 2019 Matches, While it will be telecasting all Pakistan Team Cricket matches in Future.

Biss Key Example: A2 23 61 BF CC 78 2A EE 

PTV Sports is also quite popular in the subcontinent region following WATAN HD or Sony network for broadcasting maximum sporting events live.

PTV Sports New Frequency 2019:

To tune PTV Sports Live using a Dish Antenna. You will need the following information.

Satellite Name Paksat 1R 38.0 East
Channel Name Ptv Sports
Frequency 4005
Polarity V (Vertical)
Symbol Rate 15555
SID  0004
Encryption CONAX

PTV Sports Biss Key 2019:

Since PTV Sports will most probably be moved to the new Pakistan DTH service zone. You might not even get the transmission by using the Biss Key. But still, this Latest 2019 BISS Key of PTV Sports is still working for many people.

Here is the Biss Key for PTV Sports, but you have to follow us on social media to get the key.

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Ptv Sports Biss key 51 32 13 CC 9A DD EC CC

PTV Sports Biss Key June 2019

What to do if PTV Sports Biss key Doesn’t Work:

You can easily tune in for other channels like RTA (Milli) channel. The channel is already showing the ICC Cricket World Cup Matches.

RTA Channel Frequency

You can follow this setting on any 4-Feet Dish. You can tune in both PAKSat 38E and AL-YAH Sat 52.5E.

Here is the complete Video guide to Setup Al-YAH 52.5E.

RTA Frequency for World Cup 2019:

Satellite Name AL-YAH SET 52.5 E
Channel Name RTA
Frequency 11688
Polarity V (Vertical)
Symbol Rate 11000
SID  0005
Encryption BISS

Biss Key for RTA Afganistan (Milli) : 12 34 56 9C 12 34 56 9C

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